Hey im tiffany, this place is meant to be a safe haven for anyone wanting too talk, you tend to be labeled as many things when it comes to sexuality so this place is not just for lesbians. Its for anyone. Ive come to the conclusion that though i am a lesbian i believe sexuality is fluid. Girls, boys, and anything in between on the spectrum, love whoever you end up loving. That being said who doesnt love a blog where they can talk and see pictures of cute couples and hot girls.  Lesbians
Q: i have a crush on a lesbian and im genderqueer. We havent met yet(but love semi-close), but she told me I make her happy(but does that mean she wants to date, cause we did meet on a dating site). I worried I may fuck it up(or that I have). What can do to be calm and not over think about her, or the situation. Last 2-3 days are so no reply from her, but before that she was talking with me all day long(I had to initiate the first text, but still it was great). How do I stop going cooocooo.

It’s natural to over-think everything when you like someone, in all honesty she probably is oblivious to the fact the simple things make you think somethings wrong. Just breathe, realize this is a new relationship for both of you and take your time, figure out what she wants, maybe meet in person, that way it will much clearer to see the way she is feeling, and if anything a great friendship could come out of it if things aren’t mutual. You are not going to fuck it up, if shes saying you make her happy you are doing something right. You have to think there is an explanation for why she cant or is not answering right now so just wait it out. I hope everything goes well for you. xx 

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